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Like us you probably are constantly looking at other people's body shape and thinking to yourself how the heck can they keep the weight off and eat the way they do?

Meanwhile you just think of food and the pounds add up, it is unfair and you have had enough, you need an advantage to get your life back.

Learn how a long, hard to pronounce word is going to make having the lean body you deserve, easier than ANYONE could have believed as little as even 1 year ago!

How does it work? Say hello to Thermogenic Weight Loss Technology*

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When you get your SlendaTrim, you can feel the effects right away. While maximizing your fat burning results, it can also increase your energy level and alertness throughout your day*!

If you are within 5 pounds of your perfect weight, hey, SlendaTrim may not be the right product for you. SlendaTrim is for those who need to lose serious weight and achieve serious change!

  • YOU Can Get That Bikini Figure
  • YOU Get Welcome Energy For Your Day
  • YOU Get to Harness the Power of Thermogenesis!

Is SlendaTrim right for you? Can you identify with any of the following?

- You feel tired all the time and can't ever seem to catch up

- Find yourself craving more energy so you achieve your goals

- You FEEL there is a healthier, more vibrant person on the inside

- Can grab a hand full of your own love handles and shake your head

- Stop that beach trip or vacation to the Caribbean because you wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit

- Find yourself saying I'm fat, overweight or just not in shape?

- Hate exercise or find it hard to find the time to do it and want another way to help lose weight

Gaining weight seems to sneak up on many of us. A pound here, a couple of pounds there, then we get a little older we find ourselves battling a natural process within our bodies as our metabolism slows down. It is NOT YOUR FAULT!

It doesn't take long before you find yourself in need of some help

You didn't get to this weight overnight, and when you realize it is time to make a change, it can seem like a big problem, too daunting to tackle, especially if there is a lot of weight to lose. Well it is NOT hopeless, there is HELP! SlendaTrim is your answer!

What SlendaTrim from Vitegrity Can Do For You Right Now!

Unlike the dangerous, unhealthy, stimulant riddled diet pills (you drink enough coffee already, try a new approach) that seem to be flooding the market, SlendaTrim is for people who desire, steady, rapid, and SAFE weight loss*.

SlendaTrim has the advantage of a unique blend of natural ingredients carefully chosen by the clinical pharmacist that formulated the product to bring you accelerated weight loss* in a safe and steady way.

Using the very latest research on natural ingredients combined together into what we believe is the most powerful Doctor of Pharmacy Formulated product on the market, free of chemicals and dangerous drugs, and one for healthy sustained weight loss*.

SlendaTrim is trusted on the market today for weight loss, simply because it is formulated right and with an understanding of how these natural ingredients can help you maximize your weight loss* and reach your goal safely.

SlendaTrim's secret formula's proven ingredients will:

  • Kick start your metabolism, so whether you're sitting, sleeping or working, your body is helping you win the war*.
  • Stop your hunger and drive to eat, and its pain free, you simply don't feel hungry anymore with its powerful appetite suppression blend*.
  • Deliver an immediate and powerful boost to your energy levels so you can exercise more*.
  • Will help you stop snacking on high caloric food, but find addictive, stop the addiction with SlendaTrim*.
  • SlendaTrim attacks the problem from every angle, helping you to see results, feel better and continue toward your healthy weight loss goal*.

Doctor formulated to prevent DANGEROUS side effects associated with prescription drugs and harsh stimulants, using all Natural Ingredients!

Join The Other Satisfied SlendaTrim Customers!

I'm a 28 year old female i way 210lbs an my height is 5'5. I need to lose at least 40lbs to get back on track. A friend of mine thats very close to me uses slendatrim. An it has worked for her an shes still using it as we speak she weighed 265 an within 2-3 months with exercise an healthy eating she now weighs 234 its not much of a difference but to her it is. Slendatrim gives you energy an it curves your metabolism. So I'm goin to strat using this tomorrow morning along with my healthy eating an exercise.

I didn't notice any difference until 4th week into it. x3 tabs at breakfast and x3 tabs at lunch. Then I saw better results in the 5th week, not a whole lot but definitely noticed a difference,I felt lighter and my clothing loose. It seems to put my metabolism back in control as it keeps my blood sugars within normal range as well. I am placing my 3rd order for Slendatrim, at this point I am down to x3 tabs in the am, I lost the weight and now just want to keep it where it is. Change of diet and exercise does help keep off the excess weight.

† Testimonials should be considered anecdotal, consumers may not experience the same results as set forth in these testimonials

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Why is SlendaTrim Simply the Best Weight Loss Supplement On The Market*?

Once you have tried SlendaTrim and begin to see and feel the changes you desire, you may be a little curious about the unique doctor formulated blend that is helping you achieve your weight loss* goals.

Dosage, as well as, ingredients are important to SlendaTrim's unique and proprietary formula, so every time you take SlendaTrim (and we recommend twice daily) you will be giving your body the following all natural ingredients that work in a synergistic manner at the optimal dose.

  • Citrus Aurantium to boost thermogenesis, and increase your fat burning potential*
  • Hoodia gordonii (AKA the "willpower herb") to help you say no to unhealthy foods*
  • Chromium picolinate to help reduce carb cravings and regulate blood sugar levels*
  • Vitamin B12 to help your body break down the food you consume more efficiently*
  • Thiamine helps turn carbohydrates into much needed energy during exercise*
  • Glucomannan to provide healthy fiber to help you feel fuller, faster*
  • Irvingia gabonensis has been shown to promote weight loss of 5-10 pounds, may improve blood glucose and lower cholesterol*
  • Exact dose of Green Tea Extract that contain catechins that can help users lose fat and burn more calories*

Rather than flood your body with Caffeine and Green Tea, you can regulate your use of this with our FREE bottle of Green Tea. So when you want that extra dose, you can add it at your discretion without keeping you up at night staring at the ceiling.

SlendaTrim is completely safe and it's suitable for long-term use.

You may start to notice immediate effects from SlendaTrim in as little as a day, (many have) but we recommend that after you feel the immediate positive results of more energy that you keep consistent until your goals are reached as your rate of weight loss may be different from others*. Your body will be the ultimate judge, trust it to tell you how it is feeling. We made this formula to allow you to stay on top of your goals by taking it consistently in a maintenance dose. It can be combined with Vitegrity's potent Hydroxatrim water retention formula, to form a powerful long term plan for staying on top of your weight while controlling any water retention issues you might face.

Best All Natural, Doctor Formulated Weight Loss Product Available Anywhere*!

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No artificial stimulants, no dangerous toxic and harsh chemicals, no harmful and potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Formulated with care by a Doctor of Pharmacy.

SlendaTrim is not one dimensional like many other supplements on the market. SlendaTrim doesn't just increase metabolism or reduce cravings, it's powerful formula attacks the problem from every direction.

Take the SlendaTrim challenge, make the dreams you had for your body and make them real, make craving food a thing of the past, increase your fat burning potential quickly, easily and naturally*.