Do you feel swollen, bloated, tired and unhappy? Can't get rid of that excess weight?

Your body is working against you by storing excess water, toxins and a slow metabolism. You can boost your metabolism, eliminate excess water weight and remove unhealthy toxins and colonic waste build up with our Body Transformation Kit*. Getting older doesn't mean that you can't have the healthy, slim and toned body of your youth. The Body Transformation Kit can help you achieve a sleeker and slender body.

What Transforms Your Unhealthy Body Back To A Healthy Body?

Lean body free of excess water weight*

Clean healthy colon free of toxins and colonic build up*

Turbo charged metabolism to increase calorie burning*

If it were easy, everyone would have the body of their dreams. Losing weight, reducing water retention, cleansing your colon is all part of getting your body back to an optimal healthy state. Body Transformation Kit can help you reverse years of unhealthy living safely and naturally*. Boosting metabolism, increasing energy, eliminating harmful toxins and excessive fluid all contribute to a healthier, younger and slimmer you*!

What Body Transformation Kit Can Do For You

  • Boost Metabolism And Turbocharge Your Fat Burning Capability*
  • Cleanse System Of Harmful Toxins and Waste*
  • Eliminate Excess Water Weight Gain*
  • Promote Weight Loss Safely and Naturally*
  • Improve Overall Health*

The Body Transformation Kit is a complete approach to promoting weight loss* by addressing water retention, intestinal waste build up and slow metabolism. It will increase energy levels, rev up metabolism, gently cleanse your colon and promote weight loss safely and effectively*.

Key Components To Getting A Healthier Body

1. Hydroxatrim - Natural diuretic works to maintain healthy water balance*
2. Slendatrim - Boosts energy and metabolism promoting healthy weight loss*
3. Colpurex - Natural colon cleanser eliminates excess waste and toxins*

Step 1: Eliminate Water Retention*

kit Hydroxatrim contains ingredients that have been used and studied for hundreds of years. It replenishes your body with key electrolytes while enhancing excess fluid elimination so you can lose those extra 5 pounds safely and quickly.

Are you retaining extra water weight? Are your lower legs swollen and showing signs of edema? Do you have a hard time shedding those last 5-10 pounds? Does your weight fluctuate even though you watch your sodium and fluid intake?

Hydroxatrim can help eliminate that extra water weight your body is holding on to. Hydroxatrim's clinically proven ingredients reduce excess water weight quickly and safely, preserves key electrolytes and IMPROVES bladder health*. Let Hydroxatrim be a part of your body transformation.

Step 2: Turbocharge Metabolism and Energy Levels*

kit Slendatrim is a revolutionary product specifically formulated with clinically proven ingredients to increase metabolism and energy levels, suppress appetite and promote weight loss*.

Hoodia Gordonii has been shown to increase metabolism and energy levels, suppress appetite and promote weight loss*. Green Tea Leaf and Citrus Aurantium can super charge your metabolism boosting the number of calories you burn both day and night*. Glucomannan also helps you feel satisfied and prevents the binge eating that often occurs. Slendatrim offers you the best natural fat burning and appetite suppressing formulation that will help increase energy, metabolism, curb appetite and promote healthy and safe weight loss results*.

Step 3: Eliminate Harmful Toxins and Excess Waste*

kitColpurex colon cleanser is a formulation specifically designed to gently and safely remove harmful toxins and excess waste build up from your colon. Colpurex uses natural botanicals and herbs to flush out the toxins and improve your body's natural defenses improving overall health and wellness*.

Fibrous ingredients like psyllium and apple fruit are essential in eliminating intestinal waste and Cascara Sagrada is considered nature's laxative allowing your body to get rid of parasites*.

Hydroxatrim, Slendatrim and Colpurex combined together represents the most comprehensive weight loss system* available on the market today! The Body Transformation Kit along with proper diet and exercise gives you the tools you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely, quickly and naturally*.

With the The Body Transformation Kit you can stop being swollen, bloated, tired and unhappy. Become the healthy, slimmer and happy person you once were and are still meant to be!

Transform Your Body with Vitegrity's Body Transformation Kit
Results in 60 Days, Or You Don't Pay!