Curbs the Appetite!

Verified Purchase - These really did help curb apetite without the jitters*

- Kate S

Great For Diet!

Verified Purchase - If your wanting to loose a little bit of weight & need something to help. Try Slendatrim it helps with your appetite & you don't get the jitters when you take it either. I give it a 5 in excellents.*

- Kimberly

Excellent Product - Does Everything is says it does!

Verified Purchase - I would highly recommend this product. It does exactly what is says it does! I am not as hungry and it seems to help with energy. It helps so much on the food intake.*

- Benjamin


Verified Purchase - Am half way through the first bottle and have lost 10 pounds. No side effects for me. Feel full all the time. No hunger pangs. Highly recommend this product!*

- Pam

Increase Energy, Decrease Appetite, Happy With Weight Loss!

Verified Purchase - I have been taking slendertrim for a few weeks now ,and have noticed an increase in my energy level.. It definately suppresses appetite, and I I have noticed some fat loss. I have been excersising more and watching my dietas well. It does have some weird side effects though. Occasionally skin gets flushed and have noticed some generalized itching. It doesn't happen all the time, have to take it with food. For the most part it is a safe product to take. I am definately happy with the weight loss though.*

- Elizabeth

Don't Feel Hungry Anymore!

Verified Purchase - I bought this product to suppress appetite and it worked. According to the instruction I take 3 caps in the morning with water (can't drink caffeine with it), then I don't feel hungry in the afternoon. Usually afternoon is the time I snack, but after these pills, I don't feel like to.*

- L Guo

Helped Me Get Past the Plateau!

Verified Purchase - I hit a plateau in my current weight loss plan. SlendaTrim gave the boost I needed to get over it. Worked for me.*

- Veronica

Helped My Friend!

Verified Purchase - I'm a 28 year old female i way 210lbs an my height is 5'5. I need to lose at least 40lbs to get back on track. A friend of mine thats very close to me uses slendatrim. An it has worked for her an shes still using it as we speak she weighed 265 an within 2-3 months with exercise an healthy eating she now weighs 234 its not much of a difference but to her it is. Slendatrim gives you energy an it curves your metabolism. So I'm goin to strat using this tomorrow morning along with my healthy eating an exercise.*

- Kita.

17 Pounds in 3 Weeks!

I purchased Slendatrim after reading all the great reviews about the product. I was a little bit skeptical because I have tried a few other diet products that had very little effect for me. Day 1 of trying this product I could feel increased energy levels right away and I noticed a marked decrease in my appetite. 3 Weeks later I have lost over 17 pounds. I now have my friends on Slendatrim as well and they all love the product.Two thumbs up for this product!*

- Tom B.

28 Pounds in Just 2 Months!

Extremely pleased with my purchase. I tried other products in the past with very mixed results, but with Slendatrim I have lost 28lb over the last 2 months. I'm so happy with my results and it really does curb my hunger! I love this product big time. it's worked for me when nothing else has even come close*

- Ashley Y.

*Success Stories should be considered anecdotal, consumers may not experience the same results as set forth in these testimonials

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